Floral Forecast from Venue 92!

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While some think of floral in terms of the four seasons, some florists only think of two: wedding season and wedding planning season. Social media is alive with predictions, and the gorgeous photos that give brides swoon-worthy inspiration.
Which hue will dominate this seasons floral palettes? Will bouquets be bolder, bigger? Or smaller and more reserved? Which trends are peaking now and which are falling off as things grow and change?
Here are some that we think are worth hearing about:
Garden Grown and Freshly Picked- Brides are turning from strict, structured floral arrangements and running arms wide open into wild, unkempt bouquets. & here is where it’s important to note Pantone’s color of the year. This current release is a color very fitting of the freshly picked trend and it’s been called, “greenery”. It is described as,  “a refreshing and revitalizing shade, greenery is symbolic of new beginnings.” It is to be noted that floral will reflect the color less, and the idea of using new and rarely used greenery as a focal point instead!
Victorian Revival– Old favorites like chrysanthemums, daisies, and dahlias are making a comeback! While some of these used to be avoided at all costs, florists are using them in ways that make brides giddy! These “something olds” have been made new again and stylish brides are looking towards them in new ways!
4 flower
Muted Hues, please!- Brides are choosing muted color pallets with pops of color rather than a brighter, more eclectic bouquet. This year will see lots of grey on grey, muted pinks and as always, blush will be a go to!
2 flower
Over the Top, Literally!- Floral arrangements are only going to be bigger and bolder. Less pomanders and spherical designs and more wild, incredible beauty! From saying your “I do’s” under incredible archways to dancing the night away beside floor to ceiling displays, this year it is go big or go home!
Bye, bye burlap- The wedding industry is seeing a move away from the rustic chic look that we have so long adored and moving fast towards clean, contemporary styling. This mean less burlap and mason jars and more luxe and high end accessories. Think gunmetal and hand dyed silk ribbons. Need I say more?
What trends do you want to see go and which do you hope stay forever? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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